Part 66 Basic Exam

Basic Category Knowledge Requirements

1 - Knowledge levels - category A,B1,B2 and C Aircraft Maintenance License

Basic knowledge for categories A, B1 and B2 are indicated by the allocation of knowledge levels indicators (1, 2 or 3) against each applicable subject. Category C applicants must meet either the category B1 or the category B2 basic knowledge levels.

The knowledge level indicators are defined as follows:

2 - Modularization

Part-66  Modules Required For Each License Type (A, B1, B2) And Module Syllabus Qualification on basic subjects for each PART 66 aircraft maintenance License category or subcategory should be in accordance with the following matrix. Applicable subjects are indicated by an ‘√’


Exam Standards & Questions Number

All basic examinations must be carried out using the multi-choice question format and essay questions as specified below.

Each multi-choice question must have three alternative answers of which only one must be the correct answer and the candidate must be allowed a time per module which is based upon a nominal average of 75 seconds per question.

Each essay question requires the preparation of a written answer and the candidate must be allowed 20 minutes to answer each such question.

Suitable essay questions must be drafted and evaluated using the knowledge syllabus in PART-66 Appendix I Modules 7, 9 and 10.

Each question will have a model answer drafted for it, which will also include any known alternative answers that may be relevant for other subdivisions.

The model answer will also be broken down into a list of the important points known as Key Points.

The pass mark for each PART-66 module and sub-module multi-choice part of the examination is 75 %.

The pass mark for each essay question is 75 % in that the candidates answer must contain 75 % of the required key points addressed by the question and no significant error related to any required key point.

If either the multi-choice part only or the essay part only is failed, then it is only necessary to retake the multi-choice or essay part, as appropriate.

Penalty marking systems must not be used to determine whether a candidate has passed.

All PART-66 modules that make up a complete PART-66 aircraft maintenance license category or subcategory must be passed within a 5 year time period of passing the first module except in the case specified in paragraph 1.12. A failed module may not be retaken for at least 90 days following the date of the failed module examination, except in the case of a Part-147 approved maintenance training organization which conducts a course of retraining tailored to the failed subjects in the particular module when the failed module may be retaken after 30 days.

The 5-year time period specified in paragraph 1.11 does not apply to those modules which are common to more than one PART-66 aircraft maintenance license category or subcategory and which were previously passed as part of another such category or subcategory examination.

Question Numbers for the PART-66 Appendix I Modules


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