We are Pitot Aviation, pride ourselves on being a part of Aviation, contributing competent Aircraft Engineers and Pilots by quality training services through our Partners from European Aviation Safety Agency(EASA) the Member States.

The Engineering, one of the world's most demanding profession especially in the field of Aviation, requires a very special approach, and complete dedication to the highest safety standard. Pitot Aviation is committed to delivering high-quality training to Aircraft Engineers and technicians in accordance world’s most stringent Aviation Regulations, that is the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)standards.

Why EASA Part 66 Type Training is required?

  • After Issuing the Basic EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License, the next step is to delve into a specific type of aircraft and become an expert, hence EASA Part 66 Type Training comes after the EASA Part 66 Basic Training. The holder of a category B1, B2 or C PART-66 Aircraft Maintenance License shall only exercise certification privileges on a specific aircraft type when the PART-66 Basic Aircraft Maintenance License is endorsed with the appropriate aircraft type rating.
  • The Endorsement of the Basic AMEL with the appropriate type ratings is granted by satisfactory completion of the relevant category B1, B2 or C aircraft type training approved by the competent authority or conducted by an appropriately approved Part-147 maintenance training organization. Category B1 and B2 approved type training shall include theoretical and practical elements and consist of the appropriate course in relation to the PART-66.A.20(a) privileges. Theoretical and practical training shall comply with PART-66 Appendix III.



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